Freedom Media has two decades of experience and effort into developing our pay for performance division. With our direct relationships with media outlets and through our vast network of relationships with other agencies and vendors, we can provide you with access to Broadcast, Satellite and Streaming Radio and Television, Digital & Internet Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, YouTube Search, Internet Search and Directories, Outdoor Signage and Posters, Newspapers, Magazines, Classifieds, Yellow Page Directories, Mobile Display & Search, Warm Telemarketing Transfers, Sponsorship Messaging, Wrong Call Redirect and so much more on a Pay for Performance basis. Whether it is pay per click, pay per call, pay per acquisition, per inquiry, general lead generation or bottom line CPM media, Freedom Media has solutions that will help you maintain your ROI goals and control your media overhead.  Also, Many of these outlets accept English and Spanish ad copy.

We can build new revenue streams for your products and or services that will aid your current advertising efforts. Our knowledge of the industry will allow us to help control lead costs utilizing call buffers that allow you to qualify leads before they become billable and IVR's that are precise and to the point, we can help you control your ROI. We take the guess work out of the equation and help you avoid the buzz saws.

Using the many different platforms available, you can target your audience specifically. From phone directories that find customers that are looking for you, to cell phone campaigns that can target people that live in a specific neighborhood and have a specific income or disposition to call center redirects that have already qualified the caller before transferring the call to your business to mass media campaigns with broad national media coverage, we can find your customers at a fixed cost.  If you have an offer that appeals to these media outlets, we can make it happen.

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