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Freedom Media provides quality media options for Direct Response and Pay for Performance Media. Through our own relationships and our vast vendor network, Freedom Media provides the following media services:

  • Media buying for TV/Cable & Radio for long form and short form programming as well as Per Inquiry and pay for call opportunities locally and nationally.

  • Print ad design and placement in remnant publications locally and Nationally. Pay per Call, Per Inquiry and Cost Per Acquisition placement in publications Regionally and Nationally Including, Yellowpage phone directories, Newpapers and Magazines. 

  • Mobile Display, Ringless Voice Mail, Texting and Geo Targeted advertising.

  • Internet Display Advertising, Search Term Bidding, Social Media and Internet Directories. 
  • Warm Transfers, Out Bound Lead Generated Transfers, Third Party Transfers, Information Transfers and Telemarketing Transfers.
  • Wrong Number redirects
  • Direct Mailers, List Purchasing and Data Base Management.
  • Outdoor Media - Billboards, Benches, Bust Stops and Commercial Posters.
  • Production for TV, Radio, Print and Internet.